MineLab Zimbabwe Services and Repairs – Authorized Repair and Service Centre

Services & Repairs

Services & Repairs

We offer full services for detectors at our repair and service centre in Bulawayo. We also offer free training to inexperienced gold or relic finders so that we can ensure each and every customer has a successful hunt with their new detectors.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! Minelab Zimbabwe has been advised that ZIMRA may inspect machines at our premises to ensure they have been correctly imported into Zimbabwe. This will also affect all machines in for repairs or warranty work at that time.

In order to ensure machines are not confiscated by the authorities, while at our premises, please ensure you bring all relevant documentation to prove to ZIMRA that your machines are legally imported into Zimbabwe. It is at the discretion of Minelab Zimbabwe as to whether they are prepared to hold these machines at their premises if such documentation is not available.



We are the official agents for MineLab products in Zimbabwe.


We offer free training for all new gold detector purchases.


We are an authorized repair and service centre


Please note that although the Minelab technicians in Zimbabwe have been trained by Minelab International they are limited by both the spares and testing tools as to what repairs can be carried out in Zimbabwe.

If you have a problem with your detector a trained Zimbabwean technician will assess and attempt to rectify the problem.  In order to carry out the assessment, repairs and testing on your detector we require you leave it with the repair centre for a minimum of 5 working days.   This will allow time for fault finding, repairs and testing on the bench and in the field if necessary.

If the detector is still not performing correctly after the above work and testing have been completed the detector will have to be returned to the main repair centre in Australia.

In order for your detector to be return as quickly as possible from Australia it will be sent   via DHL at your cost.  Please note in order to get the detector back into Zimbabwe duty free your original invoice will have to be presented to Zimra.

The estimated time it will take to have your detector returned from Australia is 15 working days (3 weeks).



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